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  1. First, add an exception to the eonic games folder in your anti virus, second, totally disable your anti virus (ctrl+shift+esc) and find the process that your anti virus runs on. Lastly make sure .net framework 4.0 is installed and VS2012 runtime is installed: They can be found at the bottom of this link: http://turfbattles.ca/Media then reinstall the game, and you should be golden :)
  2. Scotty fans

    D'aww thanks for this :) I really do want to do some events, just have to get permission first :)
  3. What about the future?

    Advertising most definitely will start soon, now, Shockdot was never the one who spoke about the advertising, that's all me, so i'm to blame for the whole advertising debacle. I let my mouth slip earlier than I should have 6 months ago. We are definitely working on things to ensure that the game stays active, watch this space :) I can promise you that advertising will happen, however I can't provide you with proof, just know, I'm back as a GM for the community, and I wouldn't be here if I wasn't going to put my all into the game just as Shockdot will. There will be no wipe. Future is bright, believe it :)
  4. Game stuttering

    Hi there, unfortunately it's a problem with our game engine and there's nothing you can really do except restart your game. Hopefully in future we can iron out these issues.
  5. BlueMage Stats

    Tha'ts odd, the % values should be the same for the white and black mage gowns, unless they are magical defense gowns. The flat reduction should not be the same. since they require less stats I believe.
  6. BlueMage Stats

    This was true for some time, I told everyone this information so they would see how broken having flat AP increases on pets and bands/necks was. Now, since moving to a % based system, this is no longer the case, blue/black with a G3 flock should be superior to the previous build. If there are future buffs to stun rate of the black sticks, then that will become the most efficient build again.
  7. Warehouse Sharing

    Currently, there are no plans to re-enable storage sharing since it's a big risk when it comes to the potential for duplicated items, there's also the potential for crashes to happen if a new storage system is implemented, that, unfortunately is a risk we can't take right now.
  8. Hey, it me Tony.

    Sorry I have not been on to play for some time. I had to reinstall TB after the last reset. I wanted to ask you about the TC i bought because it is gone along with my character and items. I don't remember what I bought, is there anyway you can find out? I have been playing and I have not seen you online. I have meet some nice people who helped me, but I have noticed it is hard to find parties for level 70 to 100. my character is tferrini I am a Blade like before.

    One more question... Why cant I share my warehouse with my other character on the same account. Anyhow... will you please check on the TC I would like to buy some items. I cant remember how much it was 100 or 1000. Thank you for your help.

    Have a good day.


  9. Scotty,


    I would like to make a request.

    Salazar created the Covenant tribe before I could accumulate the leni to do so myself.

    I joined Covenant right after he created it and we talked about the old Covenant in HETB. He said the only reason he created it was to hold the name so he could xfer the tribe to Aeriol once she started playing.

    Aeriol did start playing and has her toon currently in the Covenant tribe. However, Salazar has not logged in to TB in months and we would like to make Covenant more active in the game.

    Since his intent was to xfer Covenant to Aeriol (Grace can confirm this) would it be possible for you to promote Aeriol to Tribe leader? This way we can start conducting normal tribe business. 

    Thanks for your consideration.


  10. In production

    Yeah, we are against putting a roadmap out as we like to surprise the community, however, we are thinking about class balance and some more quests of course. I'm always on, however unless there is harassment or racism or mother/father family jokes going on, then i will not be punishing anyone on newbie.
  11. v2 pvp

    V2 is for levels 145-300 because the armour is relevant for all levels. anyone can go to V2 and farm a lot of items, there's no need to have two versions of V2, grade 11 items drop everywhere at 160+ (all monsters in all zones, all monsters in floor 2 of rampao) and many more areas.
  12. perfect seph choise tc gem

    this gem isn't required, this gem is only for someone who wants to spend money to get perfect stats. Perfect stats aren't required, the alternative is removing the gem and letting you make multiple weapons until you get one with perfect stats. It's entirely random, we will not stop the stat from returning as it makes it too easy. It's a gamble.
  13. perfect seph choise tc gem

    Stats are not weighted in any way at all. It's completely random. We do not make individual stats appear more often.
  14. Dayum. Thanks for sharing these, I really love it when we get older screenshots :) so many names I remember, mina harker... ha thank you again. Anything is welcome!
  15. Hi, this topic is dedicated to feedback for the new massive content update on the 8th august 2016. You can read it at the link below: READ HERE Tell us your thoughts!