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  1. Make Blades more of a tank in PVE

    Make ultimate defense equivalent to mana rebirth.... 50% up time invincibility ;) (Seriously.)
  2. advertisement game!

    It's simply not time for this... There's mechanics and values to be tweaked still... also, quests are a huge setback in immersion for newbies. There's end game pvp content insinuated to be released... we're still waiting on east lad 2 for alternate mid to end game exp rates and items quests and drops! I know we're all anxious to see the acura server come up... but give them time. It's always worth the anticipation.
  3. You right click sep.exe and go to properties. Tick "run as administrator" The knowledge base says the"can appear during installation" What EXACTLY is the error? Also, running a mmo on "virtual memory" is only going to make you mad. Just get a virtual box with winxp on it.
  4. Tribe TC Items

    This would be a cool purchase after a tribe master quest series imo.
  5. No edit driving me crazy! Ok... try allowing launcher.exe AND SEP.exe to tun as admin.
  6. I think this is telling me to tell you to disable UAC or change the settings on your sep.exe to run as administrator. Seems your launcher.exe has privelages but not your sep.exe (by the order of events)
  7. I was getting an error like then when trying to record... i had set my windows audio to a local device and it gets unplugged and starts causing errors. Seriiusly... try plugging a headset in ;P
  8. When does the error occur? Can you plug a headset in? Can you mute the game from the launcher?
  9. Dinns in the open world

    I could have swore i farmed both my gear and spell gems there. Oh well, edited!
  10. What about the future?

    But... how many players showed up from nowhere when open beta dropped? I mean... what's the difference between TB getting fixed tomorrow and TB getting fixed in a year? We waited... 10? Years for the return of HETB and now we can watch it evolve! Go life for a minute guys, shave... you know, irl stuff. They have these stacks of paper... its like a cardboard paper sandwich! There's pretty drawlings in some of those sandwiches. I don't eat paper though.... not my style! Right! And exercise! You'll need to be in tip top shape when the ad banners drop! Whooie!
  11. What about the future?

    This... is kinda why it's open beta. From what i hear the populations are almost identical between now and the end of closed beta. Now the twitch freaks and troll neckbeards went away... and all the die hards are hovering this game... waiting for something big to hit! But yea... i mean, with the engine already in place and the quest functions developed... i bet a small quest like yubas bees would take maybe an hour or 4... But an actual quest like "find all the smurfs in lad castle" would take anywhere from like 4 hours to 2 weeks! Coding isn't easy... My assembly language teacher in college told us a story about this type statement: If (reading (loopForever)) He was finishing his masters with a program that caculated density and size and mass and distance over time for oil pumps. Took him 6 months to complete his 10,000 line project. When he went to compile it, it wouldn't work! For 2 weeks he surveyed the code looking for any little thing to be a mess! Turns out, as funny as this is; we punctuate our sentinces, and so do computers! If (reading(loopForever)); That semi colon, parenthesis, period... get you many many times! So... give them time. It's the only real currency we have.
  12. What about the future?

    I like it man! I submitted a quest line from level 2 up to 100... i hope it goes through like 80% at least xD I think the only grqphic improvements that could be made while retaining functionality and the retro engine would be simply updating textures. Our grass looks like pixel barf... I'm not even going to mention the mud ;P I also agree that karebear appears to be a genius solution for "those walls we all in in turf battles"
  13. Instances

    This makes me think there should be a Frozen king! Much like the lad king... Go kill all the "golden" frozenland mobs... spawn a frozenland harold, fight over it and boom! You're king of frozenland! Get 10% of the instances costs, lower your tribe costs by 10% and........ You have a yellow icon in the FL war!
  14. Dinns in the open world

    The astray archers and elemental summons on the platform near the giant arcanes in the swamp drop dinns, sephs, seph jrs.
  15. Instances

    It would be like... raiding your own nation for the best resources. You know... Digitally_Imported brought 12 players to war... of 40 people in veros, they had the most... and strongest. So they rush to kill the 2x exp 1 time per war spawn of frozenland? Idk... MOAR PVP Maybe it spawns on only one server too... But then, you can get DI vs PvP+KoN on server 1 FL. The alliance brings 15 players to exp and 6 maxed players come invade the 12 DI frozenland. Now it's 12v21... and DBD is just over here like... "I'll pay for the instance"