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  1. FL Instance Timer

    has happened to me as well. If you just go trans it will fix it as well
  2. tribe alliance channel

    I have thought the same thing as Trade. It would help out. The shell is nice but as garfield said you lose either newbie or pvp. Is there a way we can have another option next to tribe for ally chat?
  3. Alpha

    Ok I know this is a older thread i made bud I sent $60 to the paypal. Just posting it so you know.
  4. Alpha

    is the email automated? Or do i need to wait to contact ricky?
  5. Covenant!

    That tribe brings back lots of memories. I use to talk to Aeriol alot. Hope she comes back.
  6. Alpha

    Where can i purchase it at? The donate link takes you to the Indigo campaigh that is closed.
  7. Alpha

    Is it possible to still purchase alpha or beta access? If so how long will it take before i can download/play the game?