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    No, Hosans are useless.... with a manabow doing a percentage per hit it actually destroys your mana quicker because it takes a higher amount of mana. Learn how the game works please before you post. Thanks

    actually we are trying are hardest to get the CN community to vote, so that is what you see. They have to create new accts to vote since they haven't before.

    The only reason you guys are raging is because you don't have any good mages on veros nation. Good majority of Veros is fist and weak mages that why you get rolled so quick. It really comes down to lack of communication then it does the strength of certain classes. Like what Viper said above. Just got to have a variety of different classes instead of all the same class and know what weapons and skill to use at the appropriate time.

    This is irrelevant, know matter what class you play you still have a vote.... That would be saying you cant vote because you don't play mage and don't know how hard it is to tank, epically with manna weapon on you, and not being in trans.

    One thing I would like to point out is archer is one of the best classes to take out a mage. If an archer is used correctly they can easily drop any mage. Everyone knows Ricky (Aka Shockdot), I guarantee if he came on and played archer against any mage he would win. Simply because he knows how to play the class. People complain that there is know mechanics behind this game and everything is dependent on what gear you have. In fact it plays 50% of it, the other 50% is knowing what skills to use against what class at what time. People like Big Boy who spends lots of money, and has the best gear in the game wants to kill everyone in ONE hit. That's just not realistic. This is very true, Ricky needs to ask the CN's there opinions because a lot of them cant vote because they don't understand how. If Ricky would like to ask there opinions I can get him in a chat room with all the CN's to voice there opinion (because they can speak some English and would be able to understand what they have to say) and would see how adjusting the mages HP and MANA is a horrible idea and should be left exactly how it is right now.
  6. Antick Slender DMG

    The Antick Slender damage is really weak. I have a 8/8/6/6 and it barely stuns and has 500 less AP then a +9. The staff is pretty much equivalent to +8 Staff. Think this staff need to be improved on dmg or stun effect or the staff is kinda useless.
  7. pvp Frozenland

    I agree with drop rates being increased, but not at the percentages listed above.
  8. Clockwork PK Video

  9. Should Fists be Nerfed?

    FCK NO!
  10. 50% Meteor Shower Nerf

    https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=these+nuts Billy...
  11. Player Progression Poll [Levelling]

    My only concern is that during Frozen Land you can enter at level 160, and can have people over 100 level difference in the party like a level 261+ and then the level 160 wouldn't get any xp. I think that the party system is what really made this game what it is today, that is one thing that this game has that no other game does.
  12. Tribe TeamSpeak (For All Tribes)

    Hello everyone I'm sure you've seen my posts before about people joining TeamSpeak. I'm trying to pull the community together as much as I can. TeamSpeak works well for different tribes for various reasons (Leveling, Getting Gear, PK) and much more. For anyone that wants a new tribe and would like TeamSpeak set up for there tribe members for better communications let me know. I will be more than happy to set up a few channels for your tribe (with channel admins for the owner and co owner of tribe) so you can control your tribe and kick people out of your tribe's channels on TeamSpeak. If you would like me to set it up for free let me know. TeamSpeak Info: turfbattlessca.teamspeak3.com Pass: turfbattles Already set one up for Defiant and BrotherHood(AKA Last_Stand)
  13. New Indiegogo Campaign!

    Thrash this really isn't any advantage, reason being is that when people first join the game lets say 6 months from now and the game already came out people will be higher than the people who just joined. All this is doing is giving people a jump start on the game to create a good established game quicker. Second thing is that everyone has the same opportunity to donate and get scrolls for exp, or even later down the line they can get TC without donating, because they can get it in game from other players.
  14. Hey everyone

    Hello Guys, I played TB a long time ago when it first came out as well as when it came up for the second time...Look forward to playing with everyone again and meeting new people on the way.... Cant wait tell this game comes out again!
  15. Unique drops from monsters!

    Wow lot of good info Terrorist