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    so your saying mana weapons are useless tools in this game? im not sure how you are utilizing the mana bow but triple lock is great in war for our team, also playing as a Red mage you have to automatically go on defense as soon as you starts getting attacked by a mana weapon whether it be a mana gaunt or a mana bow or your mana barrier will drop and your become "EZ". Now with bm on the other hand this isnt true due to mana rebirth but...weapons like a crow stinger and the vast staff are amazing weapons against bms, and weapons like the g3 kata or a g3 vast staff are great choice of weapons when fighting RMs what im trying to say here every class has some kind of skill or tool it can equip or use that when used correctly can do you and your team wonders against mages in a pvp situation. a mage without mana barrier is a free kill basically.look at how slow a bm is and how bad it is at farming, they suck for pve. Blue mages have always been very strong in pvp in every version of TB i have played and to be honest they were even stronger in the other 2 versions ive played.i think maybe the only real change that should get looked at is making... mana rebirth = to mana saver and possibly look at making marv pots into a percent pot based on the 40/60 ration of MB and make them only usable for the mage class. ive also suggested making desaus charms hosan charms percentage based instead of set number i think mages should get some adjusting but i dont think this is the way, with what your proposing will destroy the mage class.
  2. Some required basic fixes

    ive suggested something to fix that.

    1. you as a player "an archer" can literally take 2/3 a mages hp with special arrow or triple lock and then can kill them with SS. "unless BM with rebirth" which IMO should be = to mana saver 2. BIG_BOY dies at wars because we work together as a team to kill him has nothing to do with his gear simple as that. 3. See #1. for justification.
  4. Some required basic fixes

    you forgot to mention charms....end game gear.

    Marv pots may have to be a mage class item for it to work ie. only marv % pots work for the mage class

    copied from a post on basically the same kind of thread. another option that should be considered is having desau/earings/hp buff give a percent hp instead of set amount. You could also do this with marv pots, make them percent based of the mages 40/60 MB ratio.
  7. Some required basic fixes

    a mage has slim to none offence as soon as he gets attacked by a mana weapon, mana weapons are op if you use them correctlly
  8. Some required basic fixes

    I think another option that should be considered is having deasau/earings/hp buff give a percent hp instead of set amount. You could also do this with marv pots, make them percent based of the mages 40/60 MB ratio. add both % hp and % marv pots to tc shop and NPC for leni This is off subject but You could also do this with pet hp point slot i would think

  10. Some required basic fixes

    I agree with FrozenMage yall are being over dramatic about this, think about enemy's bm set and his jewels and his desaus and his charm, ofc he is be tanky as all hell, that is end game gear basically. IMHO the only thing that should be done at all is make mana rebirth = to mana saver. mana weapons are in the game for a reason, utilize them. also think about the possible amounts of hp you are able to regen per pot with percent pots as a physical attack class as a lvl 300
  11. Instance Changes & More!

    is this Demonic Essence a limited time item in the turf shop or will it be available from now on?
  12. Leni Steal

    Leni steal or no leni steal that is the question?