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  1. sold remove

    add me or reply
  2. Buying +7 Acura Set

    Hi guys, im buying +7 Acura Set no gaunt no protector. If you have a nice 10's prot we can talk. Im paying in TC i also now have the leni
  3. OoHotBox3DoO

    Yup.. Good times
  4. winebottler

    hey does any1 play this with wine? also i updated to sierra i think i might be outta luck unless i have el captain. Someone plz let me know. Worst to worst my gf is about to lose her computer
  5. OoHotBox3DoO

    you all know me! im just curious as to who stole my name... gotta mac tryna get wine to work but it blows cya soon hopefully ps if any1 has tips on this it would be greatly appreciated lookin forward to playing the game i remember as a 10 year old kid.