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  1. EXP Bar for Pets

    That would be awesome. I hate wondering how much longer till my pet lvls. The frame around the pet picture would be a perfect place to put an xp bar
  2. Can We Get a New LVLing Spot?

    Since the player base is dying literally nobody has anything to do anymore. When lad wins FL no parties when veros wins FL no parties. That being said that's only if they participate. Less and less people seem to be participating everytime. Today nobody bothered to go because there are never any parties and nobody claimed FL. Can we have add new/better areas to train? People throw in suggestions I know I'm not the only one getting bored they cannot level anymore. Our current lvling situation is not cool. I don't mind it taking alittle bit to level up but atleast give us the opportunity. V3 is not a viable option by any means and FL is nonexistent.
  3. Server Maintenance

    same issue
  4. lag or cheat? :D

    lol rip your cash stack. How many zips did you use jw? I wanna go back to bm eventually but i heard its crazy expensive..
  5. lag or cheat? :D

    Looks like lag i mean he is always moving away while firing so the few times you stop it makes sense that he can run off your screen. Freakin fight lasted forever lol
  6. Recycle Feature

    So we all know we can recycle jewelery next to the zip gem NPC. All im proposing is that the NPC prioritizes non upgraded jewelery. What i mean by that is say you have 11 pieces of Jewelery. 8/8 the rest 1/1 The NPC should take the 10 lower stated jewels(1/1) over the higher ones(8/8). My Stupid ass had a decent band in my inventory when i went to use it.. I completely forgot to stash it and my good band was chosen over my trash one. Long story short help future morons out like me lmao
  7. Tribe Ally chat

    i think that'd be awesome
  8. Triumphus.dll Trojan?

    I also checked it on virustotal.com and another wbsite I thought that fix was for not being able to connect. Regardless it wont let me dl lmao
  9. i5ww0n.png

    1. OoHotBoXeDoO



  10. Triumphus.dll Trojan?

    so i started my client and it acted as if there were a patch when i looked into it triumphus.dll was flagged as a trojan i uninstalled complete virus scan cleaned everything reinstalled game and its still showing up as a trojan. What is good with that?
  11. Yo I wanna change my minimum fps in the sep.ini file but i need permission from you guys apparently. If you could do that for me id really appreciate it. Sorry if i shouldnt have posted this here I just figured you would see it before a pm

  12. Hots nd Overwatch

    Whos tryna get these skins with me? You get a ton of cool stuff just for loggin into heroes of the storm but if you play with a friend you get overwatch skins too! Toxic#1741 is my battlenet tag hmu
  13. 2 Suggestions but probably wont happen

    For the upgrading thing don't you think a luck based game would be less competitive? If everybody was even geared skill wins the game. If not its just a contest of who got the most lucky
  14. FL Instance Timer

    This has only occurred one time but it was odd to me. My Fl timer ended finished flashing then when it was supposed to disappear it became solid. I re-logged the timer was gone not a big deal but I wanted to bring it to the GM's attention.
  15. sold remove

    add me or reply