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    I agree with both Masta and WarHeart. Yes mages are a bit on the stronger side and could use some kind of nerf, But this nerf would be way too harsh IMO. I've always liked the idea of % Anything (Buffs, Charms, Any kind of bonus thats not base) really, it makes the most sense to me because of how different the Base stats are between the classes. For example a 3k HP buff is OP As hell for mages because they play around a smaller health pool, while a 3k HP Buff is not nearly as big a difference to a blade who can get up to 30k+ pretty easily unbuffed, an extra 3k hp is just like a bonus. You can have squishy class builds for archer/mages that rely solely on 3k buffs to have enough hp to stay alive, where as a blade can go as squishy as possible and still have enough damage to survive the 10K Flat DMG Skills (Why many people see 10k HP as the minimum u need) without a 3k hp buff. The ability to have these builds that use the 3k (+charms i guess) so effectively is what I think puts them at an advantage over other classes. Sorry I kind of went off track but the point I was trying to get at is I think the nerf suggested by the poll is not the way to go about this and will only ruin the mage classes, Where as a better work around could be to change all bonuses to be % Based, to maybe more balance all classes together. I'm no good at making up numbers but I'll try; A mage has 4000 HP, with 3k hp buff now its 7k. Let's say a Blade has 10k HP, 13k HP with 3k buff now. Say you rework 3k hp buff to be 30% Hp buff instead, Mage would then only get 1.2k as a bonus with 4k Base hp to give you 5.2k in the end, while blade gets 3k still from the 30% cause of a higher base hp and it brings him up to 13k Like before. As always, I don't know all the numbers in the background or how well this could work or scale with this number along the levels.. just a suggestion to think about. TLDR: I do not agree with the nerf suggested. I would rather see a different approach be taken to solve mages being a bit too strong. Love Kez <3
  2. Warehouse at Zipper

  3. Fixing the white mage [2 questions]

    you don't play a white mage :P You USE a white mage... big difference imo. I think white mages are in a decent spot, could be better though. I dont get why yellow requirment is 1250, but white is 1450. It's hard to tell if a RM is full red or has the yellow buffs at 300 solely because theyre so similiar in strength. But you can easily tell if someone is White/Blue compared to a Blue/Black or straight blue. Why do we lose out 200 extra stats to play our support class? a 300 yellow/red has much better combat stats than a 300 white/blue because they basically have 20 extra lvls of stats to put into something other than Yellow/white. I don't think the buffs should be permanent even with a decrease because either One) it would weaken the buffs too much where they are completely useless. or two) The buffs would still be strong enough to make my character invincible like in the current game, You have a short window to drop the invincible white mage when the buffs are down and that's it. Now on to my ideas/thoughts about a possible change. I love my white mage, I love being invincible, taking 0 damage from 300 rm/bm's in 9/8 sets. But its gets so boring. Its understandable why barely anyone plays it as a main class and only as a 'buffer'. In pretty much any kind of fight... U push ur scrolls then stand there not doing anything til u have to re scroll... Sure u can try attacking. But its pretty pointless because you do no damage at all. I think in order for whitemage to actually be a desirable class, while also not broken as hell. The defensive buffs should be nerfed a little, Not too much but enough so I can actually take damage from 300s. Then give a little back in Offensive section of their kit, Not sure how this could be achieved but it would be amazing. I dont want to be the guy doing the most damage or anything, I'm the support... But I still wanna feel like my attacks do more than tickle the enemy. XD If a Whitemage can outplay you well enough they should be able to kill you 1on1. But in the current state it doesnt matter who ur against, a 1v1 will never end. White mage wont die but can do nowhere near enough dmg to kill someone anywhere equal to their lvl/gear.
  4. Warehouse at Zipper

    Hey man, Sharing is caring. Farming these fat things is a pain.
  5. Warehouse at Zipper

    I actually already do this but With A's, AARampStore and AAZip. Just think it would be a huge QoL change. I dont think Teleports have any effect on economy or gameplay at this point. It just kinda makes you have to go to the witch that more often. Not a challenge or anything just consumes more time. I don't know what you mean by Time based TP scrols? Like the 3 seconds it takes to TP? I feel like that is only there to reduce the possibility of spamming TPs to lag server. I understand not putting everything together in one place, and not putting a Zipper somewhere else.. But there is already Warehouses at so many useful areas or in walking distance atleast... I think adding one near the Zip/Recycler would be a great idea. Hope to see this change :) On a side note: How bout them Dinn pouches. Love, a whitemage. hahaha ;)
  6. Warehouse at Zipper

    I agree with this as well, All defender crystals have a warehouse nearby except duan, it should as well. But I feel like that is offtopic from this poll and might need its own poll. Same with Nurse in RampStore. :P
  7. Warehouse at Zipper

    Even better, Why not a Zipped gem merchant at every island's defender crystal? XD
  8. Warehouse at Zipper

    Simple request that I think many will agree with. Zipping gems is such a big thing in the game now a days, I think a very good yet simple quality of life change could be to add a Warehouse NPC next to the NPC to make Gem Pouches. Farming bombers, snowcats etc on islands gives u a variety of gems so u usually have to WH a load or 2 before you can get a full pouch worth... so i think it would make it a lot easier to have a warehouse right there next to the merchant to pull them out instead of TPing back and forth to a wh.
  9. Missing Item Claims

    The rollbacks seem to still be happening. Im not missing any items this time but my tribe killed the reaper as a group and i switched to s2 right after and it rolled back the pkpoints and 20 TC i spent on Potion scrolls XD Nothing needs to be fixed about this for me just wanted to let you guys know.
  10. Missing Item Claims

    What items did you lose? +7 Tri vampbrace, +7 tri sword (My fault on the sword) Edit: +7 Tri boot Please indicate the character that lost the items, the character name: T_liveD If you can remember what Channel you were on when you logged out and lost the items, please tell us: I was on channel 2 I'm pretty sure. What day did you lose the items? 2/10 I think, The first day of channels. Edit: 2/12 (tri boot) Were the items upgraded on the same day you lost the items? Yes right before crashing and rolling back. Were the items traded to you on the same day you lost the items, and if so what character name traded the items to you. No.​ Edit: Yes (Tri boot) Fantasy made/gave me it earlier this morning before i went to work. ​I answered above in Bold. Now for the story: I was upgrading armor, made a +7 tri vamp (My first +7 piece after tons of broken +6s, so i was happy), Then I went to teleport somewhere I think, Game froze went not responding and crashed. I logged back in, i think s2 wasnt working anymore so i came in on s1, and it rolled me back and i lost the +7. I tried again and it broke this time. I was pissedddd, I raged in Newbie like a b**** XD (Sorry for those who had to hear it) And then i heard multiple ppl were having the rollback so i decided to test it, I went for 8 on my +7 sword, Switched server, crashed, Didnt roll back that time. So, I dont expect to get that sword back cause it was really my dumb fault, bt can I get the +7 tri vamp back that was rolled back? and big Thanks for doing this for us players/beta testers Edit: I just noticed that when I logged off or whatever to go to work, the servers must have rolled back this morning or something. Im missing a bunch of +1 tri i farmed before work, but mainly I'm missing a +7 tri boot Fantasy made me. Around 9 hours ago