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  1. What about the future?

    Garfield, most of the items in this tb version are miss-designed like the values on them make g12 armors or any other set unusable. The gms clearly didnt think of going this far when they set the values on g11 sets for instance. Incoming shockdot or scotty saying idk what i'm saying but w/e bro better not listen to someone who played 16h per day lmao. This game had great potential but it got ruined not because of inactivity of gms (it didnt rly help the community tho) but because of lack of knowledge on litteraly everything.
  2. Scotty fans

    I think u got it but maybe u didnt so ima tell you, this post is 100% sarcasm lmao
  3. What about the future?

    As if official release will do anything lol, you guys miss your shot with the vets u wont convince new players to play the game.
  4. Scotty fans

    Scotty left :(
  5. Leni Steal

    Is there anyone to actually steal leni from at war tho ?
  6. Scotty fans

  7. Leni Steal

    just store your leni...
  8. Liquid Gold on Eonic Weapons

    Hello everyone, maybe a lot of you won't see the point in this topic but to be honest farming with an eonic weapon is really meh. I'm not speaking about Kat claws which shouldnt be as good as acura gaunts for farm since they give less ap but for instance a vast staff granting same ap as a +9 will lose a lot of farm potential since it can't wear liquid gold. + who doesn't want to see an eonic covered in gold ?
  9. Warehouse at Zipper

    I agree with the topic but we can also go further : What about a nurse respawn location on Rampao Store ? Fist Village doesn't have any store, maybe add a ladi one (Duan farmers might agree)
  10. didnt get tc

    Yes, I bought a rename, it locked my account, changed my password to get access to the account, didnt get the rename although it has been confirmed on paypal.
  11. 15% potion poll

    no actually the g6 pot requires only 25 of each mix herb and hp herb, the number 670 (i think ?) is a mistake, u actually require only 175 herbs per pot i think ?
  12. Public Apology

    Dicks out for Harambe
  13. Hello guys, I've been quite away from the game for some time now, I still wanna thanks the donors and the gms to bring back TB but today I honestly think something has to change. Some of you (maybe a lot of you) won't agree with what's following but it's just a suggestion :-). There are several reasons why I "half-"quited : I've always been a 300 player, this bracket has had a good time but now it's kinda empty (speaking about english speaking community). I lost motivation about grinding a better set, but that's my bad I don't blame anything else than my lazyness ! The lack of 300 content, there is almost no reward to be a 300, it's just a way to "cancel" the level diff and that's all, I'm sure GMs already know this and are working on this so it's not a blame again, it's just when you play a lot of hours per day, at some point you start to get bored. Now I'll tell you what really pleased me in CA TB and i'm sure, a lot of players appreciated this aspect of the game, not only the tryharders but almost everybody : During the first days of the server, there was such a competition you could really love playing TB at that moment because it was super active, because you could create like first +9 or first g3 or even first full 8 set. Even if you were facing a better tribe, u knew u could grind and one day actually defeat them. What's happening right now in the game ? I'm mostly speaking only about english speaking community, WE are bored, or at least we are getting bored. How come ? Some people would answer because there are no new players, but remember these early days it was only about vets and yet we had a lot of fun. So the real question is, Why do Vets quit the game when they actually maybe donated for it or carry a real love for this game ? I can't say my answer is the exact answer but It can be a little explanation : Vets used to play on a daily basis, with daily progress (I'm speaking about early days), but right now, to progress just a bit, you have to put so much efforts, and when you decide to actually put these efforts, you start farming like for weeks and during these weeks you see all your friends leave the game because they actually don't want to put all these efforts. So I think, the main problem is the routine created by the fact you have to spend so much time to improve just a little bit your def or your ap or I don't know. I'm not writing this topic to QQ about the rates or anything, I'm here to help GMs finding a solution, moreover I don't think highering the rates would solve anything, because once everyone will get again reachable sets, same thing will happen again and again... No I truly believe we have to re-consider our vision of TB. It's a super dynamic PVP-based game. Let's be honest but the reason most of the Vets come back in the game is because (nostalgy ofc) they know perfectly the game, they can be super strong, they can roll on people and they want to roll on people. So yeah, once the whole community reached "reachable" sets they just get bored and quit. I don't know about you guys but when I play a game, I need to have an objective like, I'd tell myself, today during my TB session I want to make a certain item or reach a certain level. At some point, progressing takes so much time that I can't clearly say what's my current objective. The first solution u can think of would be to create new contents and add it like every month or so to the game to keep your players playing the game, tbh it's really fair to think this way but what actually happens ? Players that once quit, come back, see the update, play a few days, log off and don't come back until next update. You'll tell me, TB has always been a game in which you have to farm a lot to succeed. Yeah I know that, but when we look at our current community, which is actually defending the fact you have to farm to succeed, no one farms. When you see a guy with a 9/8 set you are like yeah this guy kinda tryhards, he managed to make the "reachable" set, many players even think he is a total tryharder because he managed to make a 9/8 set when the "reachable set" for them is like 8/7. So yeah once more I know TB is a game in which you have to farm a lot to succeed, but shouldn't we re-consider this aspect of the game ? Not because TB is a bad game or anything but because our community doesn't fit with the game. I believe (after speaking to people), but I can be wrong, so let me know if you think I'm wrong when i write this, the majority of our players play for the PVP side of the game, for the competition, to roll on his friend or play with his friend to defeat a group of players. I guess you already see what I mean, the community wants more competition, more PK so the question is, how can we force people to compete again today when they get bored after being like 30 min in the game ? Create new pvp areas ? Implement new ressources on areas that would require fights ? I don't think any of these solutions will work because it already didn't (think about civil war for instance). But I've been thinking of a different solution, I know most of you won't agree with it but yeah we gotta re-consider the game or it won't last any longer. So here's my idea : Create a second server like B2 idk. Make it auto-wipe every 2-3 months or so. After like every 2 weeks or so, you can't fight anymore on certain lvls like 90-; 120-... so at some point you force people to actually level up. Weekly rewards regarding the top tribes or top players, can be esthetic or even a boost in the game idk... At the end of the session, rewards for the top tribes players like titles idk or once again esthetics... This way, the player has to have a daily objective, like today i'll farm or today i'll try to reach that amount of Pks. I know, 9/8 set can be really hard to get under 2 months or 3 months, who said you would need these kind of sets, you just need teamwork or you can also grind your ass a 9/8 set and rush top in the end of the 2-3 months idk. I believe this kind of server reflect what the community wants : both farm and pvp, a constant competition, a timeline. This is just a suggestion, the start of an idea which can become something. I've spoken to some players in the game about this, some of them agreed, some of them said GMs wouldn't make any money from such a server... The main idea of such a server is that you'll have to farm a bit to be competitive and also u'll spend a lot of time fighting because everyone wants rewards, or "fame". I know this is not the idea or the solution GMs thought about, but I truly think we need to give it a chance, I'm really not sure adding new things and new things will change anything. If you guys don't agree because it's not how TB is meant to be, then ok but look at the game today, I really think it has never been that bad, and please GMs don't come with your numbers like this week +10 accounts created or something, we see it inside the game that no one plays anymore or almost lol. Although I'm mainly speaking about the english speaking community because it's really different from asian, I won't speak about cheaters, it's a total different topic. I might edit this post if I see that I forgot some things. TO MAKE IT CLEAR I'M NOT DISCUSSING ANY CHANGES MADE BY THE GMs TO THE GAME IT'S ONLY ABOUT PURE ASPECT. THIS TOPIC IS ONLY TO MAKE PEOPLE REALIZE WE CAN RE-CONSIDER THE GAME, NOT ONLY FOLLOWING THE IDEA I GAVE! Thanks for reading, sorry for the grammar and shit. Djaul
  14. Imagination PvP Vid

    A new video from Masta (last night civil war) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L41muGcFOaQ enjoy it ! Djaul
  15. Buff nado and island exclusive gems

    I'm not sure if nado can be considered as end game, for sure it is a place to grind ur gear but what's the purpose of ur good gear ? Is it to kill new or let's say starting players on 121-160 bracket or fighting ppl who might have the same gear u have on lvl 200+ ? I dont say there are no good gear on nado atm it's just u'll have more chance facing a high geared guy on 200+ than 160 so why not just keep lvling ? U need to know what u want, if u wanna pvp go 200+ and let the low geared guy farm and, in the end, join the party as well on 200+ with good gears (: