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  1. Launcher Problems

    Hi MKB, please follow this guide too. http://turfbattles.ca/forums/index.php?/topic/2089-how-to-fix-game-launcher-when-not-working/
  2. I cant still log in

    Peski AntiVirus and Windows Defenders....
  3. Transmutation

    I've fixed your picture for you. I think in other games this is called Transmogrification, or something (Transmogs for short). Transmute sounds good too though, reminds me of Full Metal Alchemist ;). I like the idea. Although some changes would probably be better... Such as.... You should need to unlock an appearance, by obtaining the item and then sacrificing that item. After that point you can transmog your item into that or any other unlocked item at will (assuming you have the funds for it).
  4. Wipe inactive tribe names.

    Probably tribes who's leader has not been online in 2 months or more.
  5. As another month passes...

    lol as I said in the past, when it's ready to be announced it will be until then we aren't giving specifics aside from some of the obvious things and the things I just told you in discord. Advertising - As I said from the start, the ending of OB signals start of advertisement campaigns across multiple platforms/portals. (we've actually spent a lot of time preparing for this part) Changes to old content, some for performance and most based on various feedback we've collected about some existing mechanics. New content (quite a bit of it) Improvements to existing system A few of the polls you are talking about may or may not be coming to a Turf Battles near you. I'm not understanding your connection between 90-160 instances and FL instances... Regardless of new instances or not, you would still be using the same items and same process to level up earrings lol.
  6. As another month passes...

    You might have missed the comments about the gigantic updates coming early June.
  7. Class Change

    Character transfers will never be brought back again. We learned our lesson from allowing that garbage to happen, a few ruined it for everyone. As for character class changes, if they came back it would be without gear transfers (as you mention).
  8. Server Maintenance

    They were offline. They are back online now.
  9. Server Maintenance

    At 4:10PM EST, we will be restarting the server for some maintenance & security updates. Expected downtime ranges from 30-40 mins.
  10. How to Fix Game Launcher When Not Working

    Windows Defenders & some anti virus' are often stupid. They identify software made by smaller, less well-known, companies as virus' and deem them suspicious. This is called a "false positive". Essentially it's your Anti-Virus/Windows Defender saying... "Hey we don't know this software so we're flagging it as a virus, just to be safe." Your guys choices are: Disable the software causing the problem (Windows Defender in both your cases). Add exceptions for the games folder in the software causing the problem (Windows Defender in both your cases. A quick google search will tell you how to do it with any AntiVirus or Windows Defender. Cheers.
  11. i5ww0n.png

    1. OoHotBoXeDoO



  12. Cant log in?

    Follow this guide: http://turfbattles.ca/forums/index.php?/topic/2089-how-to-fix-game-launcher-when-not-working/
  13. I cant still log in

    Follow this guide: http://turfbattles.ca/forums/index.php?/topic/2089-how-to-fix-game-launcher-when-not-working/
  14. There was recently an issue with one of our Patch Server hosts that forced us to switch to a new host. For most, this change was seamless and should have caused no problems. However, for some users that have... different... routers/modems this may have caused your game launcher to stop working. The fix for this problem is simple! Just follow these steps: Download the attached CLauncher.exe file in this post (just click "CLauncher.exe"). Move it into your games Bin Directory Usually C:\Program Files (x86)\EonicGames\TurfBattlesTriumphus\Bin It SHOULD ask you to Replace an existing file, click yes. Done, game should be fixed! If you're still having issues post here please. File Download: CLauncher.exe