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    We will be closing this poll Tuesday. If you haven't voted, I suggest you vote now. The current valid voting score is: Change MB: 34 Leave MB Alone: 15
  2. Earings

    That won't be changing, that upgrading cooldown is there to prevent people from just trading it between 15 characters in the same party and leveling one up within a day or two.
  3. Critical Error: Ran out of Vitual Memory

    Do you have Teamviewer? If not can you install it and an you PM me your Teamviewer ID & Password?

    A user, siapowFFS, contacted us to change his vote (he voted incorrectly). We have poll option 2 by 1 and increased poll option 1 by 1, as per his request.
  5. Bug?

    That doctype thing.... Has to do with something blocking the Launcher from accessing the internet. (More than likely your ISP). If you get Teamviewer I can help you fix it, just send me your Teamviewer ID and Password.

    Just a reminder, multiple votes from the same person will lead to 0 votes (as in all polls). So if you vote twice or more, on separate accounts... No votes will be counted. I've also removed the clearly low-voted option and joined the 3 votes to the first option (same thing), and moved any votes from the duplicate topic about this that did not exist on here.
  7. Some required basic fixes

    Number discrepancies aside, that's what I was saying.... The first damage taken does not get reduced by mana barrier UNTIL your HP is below or equal to your Base HP + your Bonus HP. So if you have 5K Base + 4.5K Bouns (9.5K).... Mana barrier would not do anything until your HP was 5k or lower.... But what bigboy was saying was to have mana barrier turn off (like I said in my original post) when you reach 5k.
  8. Some required basic fixes

    You mean 5K xD?
  9. Some required basic fixes

    Now you're giving a different explanation than what Secret was saying (yours is what I was saying). Talking about this part of my post.... First post I made in this topic.
  10. Some required basic fixes

    It's outlined in my post above. So you're saying to only exclude Desau HP? Not Earring HP? (which is what that extra 400 comes from, if the earrings are only 200 each)
  11. Some required basic fixes

    You mean once it dips below 5000, right? Otherwise what you're saying would be to have Mana Barrier only work with Bonus HP values (so if u have no Desaus/Earrings it would never work lol). Sounds fine to me (again given show of community support for it), but less of a nurf than the method I outlined (which I guess makes sense in terms of not wanting to over nurf).
  12. Some required basic fixes

    Glad you mentioned this. When it was first proposed the person who proposed it was asked to make a topic about it to see what the community thought of this change, he decided not to make a post (needless to say). We're not against balance changes, as long as they make sense and it has community support behind it. To be clear, what you're recommending is to have MB drop once the users base HP is removed? For example. A BM, let's call him NoobAlex... NoobAlex has 5000 BASE HP NoobAlex has 3 G3's Desaus (4500 HP) NoobAlex has 2 Level 200 HP Earrings (400 HP). Total of 9900 HP Now let's say a 2 players come along and attack NoobAlex. What YOU'RE saying is that NoobAlex should lose his mana barrier when one of the following happens: His Mana reaches 0 (current setup). His CURRENT HP reaches the value of his TOTAL HP - BASE HP (9900-5000=4900) We've addressed this issue already, so I'm not going to spend too much time writing about it here. Game Moderators will be selected once we have some website changes released. (Expected Mid May/Early June, along with some other nice things). On a simpler note though.... You say a SS is not enough (but it usually is), but rarely do people report users & even more rarely do people use the in game block system. The last report for offensive language we received was a few days ago, the user provided a screenshot and the person being offensive was muted within 5 minutes of looking at the screenshot and verifying with the logs. This is completely wrong (no offence). Elite Testers aren't users who are tasked with a job of testing changes or content (although if they choose to, they can). They are users who support the game. They are users who get insider scoops on updates, changes, future content, etc. They are able to access the Test Server (when it's online) with their accounts, play around, do their own thing, test rates for themselves, use GM commands while on the test server, etc. I'd like to reiterate 2 things with my above post. We're always up to make changes to the game (some might take longer than others, and some might get delayed due to priorities). However, when changes like these are requested, it actually REQUIRES that it be requested and there to be a clear show of community support for it. Not a refusal to even start the conversation as the original person did. If someone is doing something you think might be against the rules or even offensive in nature (to the point where a block isn't enough)... Report it! We'll look into it, and, if needed, act on it. In a nutshell... Don't just sit around and expect the things you want to happen, to magically happen when you aren't even confident enough in your own ideas to voice your thoughts or opinions. If you have something to speak about, speak it.
  13. new engine?

    I'm not sure I follow. Make a video of what?
  14. new engine?

    Creating a new client, I say client because the server wouldn't need to be re-made, in a new engine is no easy task. We do have plans to one day introduce TB into UE4, but doing that will take a large amount of time and money.
  15. 40 stacks of mats is 900tc apparently?

    Your problem is that you compare everything to USD. Those resources are a way to gain materials while you level up, if you want, or you have the option of purchasing other things. They're a nice bonus, a perk, if you choose to take it. A currency is something used to purchase services, objects (tangible or not). The coins are used to purchase items from the Instance Store. If you don't want it, don't buy it. Regardless closing this topic.