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  1. Last week
  2. As another month passes...

    I did miss that... it sounds like something interesting to find! Sounds like you're giving us what we're asking for, we just don't know where to find it. *opens shockdots profile*
  3. Launcher Problems

    Hi MKB, please follow this guide too. http://turfbattles.ca/forums/index.php?/topic/2089-how-to-fix-game-launcher-when-not-working/
  4. Launcher Problems

    Screen shot Followed the install instructions perfectly.
  5. Buying +8 Tri set (no shield) Pm me or add me in game (Slug)
  6. I cant still log in

    Peski AntiVirus and Windows Defenders....
  7. I cant still log in

    This helped me out a lot. Was so lost. But I am now getting an error 0 when checking SEP.exe for changes. - Scratch that, damn antivirus...
  8. Can we stop messing up FL WAR

    Nah it was a good suggestion but unfortunately it wouldnt work right now.
  9. Can we stop messing up FL WAR

    Today is 2nd day veros won 9 times ;/ they are 5% but nobody is even leveling so nobody takes it... this is so bad pls something needs to be done people cant progress.
  10. Can we stop messing up FL WAR

    @Hatebreeder, so its better off to let those who cant join winning side quit the game cuz' they cant progress? x) Na but on serious note, the thread is about FL and the suggestion I gave is, you guessed it, for FL.
  11. Wipe inactive tribe names.

    Good idea helps bring back old tribes especially seeing how a lot of tribes are stuck on banned accounts or people that quit completely
  12. Seasonal server

    Honestly shockdot should consider this idea here's a few reasons why. 1. The idea of starting at level 1 and at the end of the season move them to the real server benefits the ones who love the race at the start of turf battles to be best geared or highest level. Also would give all the new players a fair chance of getting higher level and geared while avoiding all the vets till the seasons over. 2. I've always loved the idea of titles and achievements in mmorpgs cause gives even the smallest of things a reason to be done. Now clearly both servers will be up and players can use either or I'm just 100 percent down with this idea
  13. Can we stop messing up FL WAR

    Doesnt help at all since there isnt enough players to form a party if the population splits lol.
  14. Pet Master

    I think leveling pet to level 100 is hard to work takes a lot of time and should be rewarded more than just 1 extra point from 99-100. I came up with an idea its a suggestion section so I tought Ill share it with you. Pet Master Summary: Pet Master quest offers you to evolve a level 100 Pet to a Master Pet which has ability to boost power level of one master skill by 10%. Level Requiment: Level 100 Pet Go to Hyna and talk about Pet Master Quest. Part 1 1.Hello brave one I see you managed to maximise your pet level and you ready to become a Pet Master. Dragons posses powerful abilities that your pet can learn. 2.I want to become Pet Master. 1.I hoped you say that...to do this you need to find a dragons deep down the dungeons and kill the powerful beasts that will drop their spell books. 2.Which dragon drops the spell that will benefit me the most? 1.Each dragon posses different abilities so you need to kill many of those beasts in order to find the right spell. 2.Where do I find the Dragons? 1.Dragons protect their treasures in secret tunnels of the Coulour Zones you can start by entering red zone from dungeons.Come back to me with the spell book and level 100 pet to teach him the dragon power. 2.Ill be on may way. 1.Pet Master Quest Activated. Part 2 Once you received the spell book go back to Hyna. 1.I see you have found the spell book and your ready to become a Pet Master but I need to warn you..you need to be sure thats the power your ready to posses as there is no going back..once your pet learns the dragons spell it stays with it forever. 2.Im ready teach me (E.G) Immortality 1.With this dragon spell your Endure ability will increas by 10% are you sure thats the spell you want your pet to posses? 2.Yes 1.Your Pet evolved to Master Pet and posses Immortality Once quest is activied dragons in zones drop skill books that your pet can learn choose carefuly as you can only boost the power of one master skill. Dragon Skill Books: Archer Sharp Feathers- Skill Increases rainbow arrow power by 10% Death Shoot- Skill Increases deadly count arrow power by 10% Immortality- Increases endure skill by 10% Anti-Magic Increases guardian protection by 10% Haste-Increases fanatical power by 10% Blue Mage Spirituality-Increases the Mana Barrier power by 10% Anti-Magic-Increases guardian protection by 10% Acrobatics-Increases Illsuion skill by 10% Warth of Winter-Increases Ice fury power by 10% Restore- Increases Mental Command skill by 10% Red Mage Spirituality-Increases the Mana Barrier power by 10% Anti-Magic Increases guardian protection by 10% Acrobatics Increases Illsuion skill by 10% Warth of Fire Increases Fire Fury by 10% Restore- Increases Mental Command skill by 10% Fist Warrior Immortality- Increases guardian protection power by 10% Haste-Increases fanatical power by 10% Thunder-Increases Soul fist power by 10% Earth Shake- Increases the power of blast fist by 10% Anti-Magic Increases guardian protection by 10% Blade Warrior Slash of Fury- Increases the soul blade power by 10% Holy Blast-Increases the power of blast blade by 10% Anti-Magic Increases guardian protection by 10% Berserk-Increases Might power by 10% Immortality- Increases guardian protection power by 10%
  15. Transmutation

    Yea! would be awsome
  16. Transmutation

    I've fixed your picture for you. I think in other games this is called Transmogrification, or something (Transmogs for short). Transmute sounds good too though, reminds me of Full Metal Alchemist ;). I like the idea. Although some changes would probably be better... Such as.... You should need to unlock an appearance, by obtaining the item and then sacrificing that item. After that point you can transmog your item into that or any other unlocked item at will (assuming you have the funds for it).
  17. Seasonal server

    good idea Hows life arc?
  18. Transmutation

    Transmutation How it works: Go to Jakar in Ladi Talk to him and select Transmutation. Read and accept the warning. First select the item whose appearance should be changed. Then select the item which will be used for the new appearance (You will receive a warning that this item will be destroyed) Click on the button with the tick to start the transmutation process (You will be asked one final time whether you want to carry out the transmutation) After confirming the change, the item used as the basis for the appearance will be deleted. Cost of Transmutation is 500.000.000 Leni or 100 TC per Item. Benefits: More options for different looks, using all the equipment in game not only g11 for the whole time. Fun and apperence change gives players more unieq looks and enables to show beatiful items that are in TB. Example in screen shot how it would look like. Basicly you can use ur g11 or g10 armor and put it in g1 apperence with current stats. Screen shot:
  19. Seasonal server

    I know where you going with this but I dont think we have enough population to pull this off so Im going with no ;(
  20. Can we stop messing up FL WAR

    V3 NERF was way to harsh we should be able to go and grind it there like we did but comone after 270 60% was way to much. V3 parties were fun and enjoyable I wish Ricky reduced the nerf to 20% and brought it back.
  21. Can we stop messing up FL WAR

    This is very good suggestion. Or make it like civil war.. if your nation wins war you can buy exp buff wich gives you 50% (?) more exp fl only
  22. Can we stop messing up FL WAR

    Yo G's, seems like Shadows suggestion services needed up in here, so let med drop one: Let everyone access FL lvling ( both nations ) and instead of nation lock make it so that the losing nation gets 50% (?) less xp from FL mobs. That way everyone can still level and there is still a need to win the war, cuz' double the xp at FL is nothing to scoff at.
  23. Seasonal server

    Hello everyone, a few years ago, Blizzard added the season to Diablo 3. Since that it became the most popular game mode in D3. With this poll i hope that we can get the season to Turf Battles. What is the season? The season is an optional recurring game mode that offers the players to start a new character on a fresh server. With seasonal characters, it's not possible to access the stores, items, etc. from non-seasonal characters. How could it work in Turf Battles? In D3, exists something called "the Journey". "The journey" are many quests that needs to be accomplished in the game to get a free set and some cosmetics. To get something like "the Journey" in Turf Battles there needs to be a NPC in Ladi that gives you all the quests. The rewards of the quests could be EXP Buffs, Drop Scrolls, titles, cosmetics, pets, etc. that are only available if you play the season. Here are a few examples how a quest for "the journey" could look like in TB. Quest: Kill Watanka 500 times in FL. Reward: Title: Watanka Slayer Quest: Kill all mobs in FL within 15 minutes in a party. Reward: Title: FL Speedrunner The main reason why the season got popular in Diablo 3 is that Blizzard added new content to the game that was only available if you played the season (Season 1-6). A huge motivation for players to play the season is that they only get access to new content (new lvl areas, gear, items, etc.) if they play the season. After the end of the season the content is also available on the non-seasonal server. There also should be a reward (cosmetics, titles) for the top 3 players and tribes on the leaderboards at the end of the season. What will happen at the end of the season? At the end of the season should be a server maintenance. During this maintenance the content of the seasonal server should be added on the non-seasonal server and all characters of the seasonal server should be transfered to the non-seasonal-server. After a few weeks a new season should start :) What do you guys think about a season in Turf Battles? My grammar is not the best because I am from germany :P Greetz ArcAngel
  24. Can we stop messing up FL WAR

    I do agree with this but if the game had more choices to level other then frozenland that was viable after 270 this wouldnt need to happen even with the decreased population
  25. Can we stop messing up FL WAR

    With the current population, it's the only way to be able to do FL.
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