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    No i believe you are stupid... I'm talking about what Masta said with percentage based Charms. I also no what you are trying to say about the poll. Either way there will be a nerf but not what you proposed because its just dumb. Poll is to even to just do what u want so get over it. Thank you

    I think the main issue most people that main a mage is that this poll is making RM and BM sound the same but a BM can last 2 mins without mana barrier dropping no matter what while a RM can lose it instantly. Problem is every class can be tanky a 600 vit fist with 3 g1s at 300 has 20k hp pretty much same as a blade. I think that if this poll does occur a change with RM needs to occur seeing how there's a lot more g3 Kat claws then crows and rms can't sustain mana barrier up if a mana wep is in play

    Idk if ur just acting stupid or you actually are that stupid. The proposed Mana barrier change has NOTHING to do with lowering a mage's max HP. its lowering the effective HP. You will STILL have identical amount of HP, its just the 4500 HP from Desau will tank only 4500 damage not 11250 damage.
  5. Yesterday

    We all know, Red mage need to have Blue mage to have a benefit during PVP. If it is just soloing pvp, even with desaus and earings, killing archer/ fist is not as easy. So a good team is more important than those gears.
  7. Last week

    I agree with both Masta and WarHeart. Yes mages are a bit on the stronger side and could use some kind of nerf, But this nerf would be way too harsh IMO. I've always liked the idea of % Anything (Buffs, Charms, Any kind of bonus thats not base) really, it makes the most sense to me because of how different the Base stats are between the classes. For example a 3k HP buff is OP As hell for mages because they play around a smaller health pool, while a 3k HP Buff is not nearly as big a difference to a blade who can get up to 30k+ pretty easily unbuffed, an extra 3k hp is just like a bonus. You can have squishy class builds for archer/mages that rely solely on 3k buffs to have enough hp to stay alive, where as a blade can go as squishy as possible and still have enough damage to survive the 10K Flat DMG Skills (Why many people see 10k HP as the minimum u need) without a 3k hp buff. The ability to have these builds that use the 3k (+charms i guess) so effectively is what I think puts them at an advantage over other classes. Sorry I kind of went off track but the point I was trying to get at is I think the nerf suggested by the poll is not the way to go about this and will only ruin the mage classes, Where as a better work around could be to change all bonuses to be % Based, to maybe more balance all classes together. I'm no good at making up numbers but I'll try; A mage has 4000 HP, with 3k hp buff now its 7k. Let's say a Blade has 10k HP, 13k HP with 3k buff now. Say you rework 3k hp buff to be 30% Hp buff instead, Mage would then only get 1.2k as a bonus with 4k Base hp to give you 5.2k in the end, while blade gets 3k still from the 30% cause of a higher base hp and it brings him up to 13k Like before. As always, I don't know all the numbers in the background or how well this could work or scale with this number along the levels.. just a suggestion to think about. TLDR: I do not agree with the nerf suggested. I would rather see a different approach be taken to solve mages being a bit too strong. Love Kez <3

    Hey Masta, good to see you again. I like the idea but mages still need to have 10k HP otherwise if mana barrier is down u are a one hit with every class. I totally agree with you and think mages are OP atm but there is a big difference between RM and BM being OP. what is proposed above is definitely not the way to go about the nerf. (I'm talking about what the poll is trying to do. There definitely needs to be some middle ground. If you want to treat BM and RM the same you need to have mana rebirth on a RM. otherwise there is no way to treat them the same.

    Hey guys, Long time no see! I agree the Charms are way too strong. But I am afraid you are nefing mages too much with this change. What do you guys think about changing the charms to 5/10/15% MAX HP(with or without buffs?) and give them certain restrictions to certain classes( we don't want blades having 20K extra ) I think this will make the charms more fair for every lvl bracket and class. Let me know what you guys think Gr's Masta

    We will be closing this poll Tuesday. If you haven't voted, I suggest you vote now. The current valid voting score is: Change MB: 34 Leave MB Alone: 15
  12. FL Reward

    If it would be possible I think it would be awesome to add instant cool down of FL if u complete the run within the 20 minutes. It's hard enough to keep parties going in FL with the player base we have and if we can complete them in 20 minutes I think it would be awesome if we could keep it rolling and do another before people keep logging off and the parties die down faster and faster with every FL.
  13. Earings

    Oh ok
  14. Earings

    That won't be changing, that upgrading cooldown is there to prevent people from just trading it between 15 characters in the same party and leveling one up within a day or two.
  15. Earings

    Idk about the rest of the community but i think earings shouldn't have a cool down on lvling them up. I would like to see this changed and i think everyone else that plays would prob like the same thing. There just isn't that many lvling parties out there to get it maxed.

    I play RM and I voted for this poll simply because it makes perfect logical sense when considering a balance. This has nothing to do with who wins a war or communication lol (besides the fact that communicating this point to some of you seems near impossible). Simple fact of the matter is; Desau should not work differently for mages just because they have Mana Barrier. You should be given the HP advantage stated in the description (500, 1000, 1500) and nothing more. Otherwise, there is very little need to stat into VIT and since mages do not need a lot of STR or DEX (although DEX helps indeed) it gives them the opportunity to raise their AP exponentially with little consequence.
  17. Critical Error: Ran out of Vitual Memory

    Do you have Teamviewer? If not can you install it and an you PM me your Teamviewer ID & Password?
  18. Critical Error: Ran out of Vitual Memory

    im having the same problem

    First of all, expressing one’s idea in the forums may/may not help the progression of the game. However, I would like to deliver my idea/doubt to everyone on this debate as myself being responsible to every player in this game. How many players do have a depth of knowledge about this particular question. Does EACH VOTE have it’s own representive indeed? Do all players have been responsible to this game? Does this change benefit to all players or only a part of the players in the game. Inclusion, at this point, the vote is usually indifferent. We have no reason to continue arguing in a meaningless thing since there will be no obvious result.

    A user, siapowFFS, contacted us to change his vote (he voted incorrectly). We have poll option 2 by 1 and increased poll option 1 by 1, as per his request.

    he means that its harder to outpot mana weps with hosans because as your mana pool grows, you will lose more mana, as mana is drained at a % rate and you only pot at a flat rate per pot, hence you lose MB easier But no one will get what he wrote

    Well said buster. "Learn how the game works please before you post. Thanks" just think about what you just typed here. this is just another reason why we shouldent poll these things. Some people just got no brain see example Above.
  23. Earlier

    3) why is it that we allow a mage with low vig to run arround with 32250 effective health pool? is it because mages need to stats black white yellow? this amount of health is just total bullshit. while any other class needs to run vig build to not even come close to this amount? so plz stop whining about veros lad and wars and team work because this poll aint about any of that.
  25. Bug?

    That doctype thing.... Has to do with something blocking the Launcher from accessing the internet. (More than likely your ISP). If you get Teamviewer I can help you fix it, just send me your Teamviewer ID and Password.
  26. Bug?

    Hey all. been a while since i played TB, went to re download was all good until it came application itself. goes to select a sever but come ups with weird !DOCTYPE htn.. this is what i could copy over when i click start it says invalid sever selection and then exit.. i tried everything.. uninstalled reinstalled. restart computer update computer.. someone help [Window Title] TB_Launcher [Main Instruction] TB_Launcher is not responding [Content] If you close the program, you might lose information. [Close the program] [Wait for the program to respond]

    1) That's not true, no way an archer can solo an equally geared BM or RM; as he said an archer must considerably out-gear a mage for it to solo one. And unlike mages archers only scale well when heavily geared, whereas mages don't need much gear to scale 2) Would be nice if they removed vast from this game
  28. sold remove

    add me or reply

    Why should an archer be able to drop every class solo when a RM needs a BT 100% of the time to kill anyone in equal gear. Honestly you guys are so hypocritical. This is such a stupid poll. If you all complain about mages having so much HP how about we do this nerf and while we are doing this nerf we take out all Mana Bows and Gaunts and just leave the Vast staffs so people have to us RM's to take down mages and no class will be overpowered. Last time I checked attacking someone with a fist or archer doesn't take away any of there HP. They also don't have HP stealing weapons to take down all there HP in 1 hit if done special arrow correctly.
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