We will be shutting down the servers to begin merging the Season Server data with the Triumphus Server data at 7PM EST. We expect the merge to take anywhere from 2-5 hours.

Due to conflicting circumstances (identical names and more than 3 characters per account); we have created an automated system for characters that conflict with Triumphus Server data. The following changes have been made to some characters:

  • Characters FROM the Season Server who have an identical name to a character on the Triumphus Server have been appended with a  _x, where x is a numerically increasing unique identifier. So as an example, if your character name on the Triumphus & Season Server was CharacterName, your Season Server character will now be named CharacterName_1.

  • New accounts have been created for any account with over 3 characters assigned to it after the merge. Any extra characters have been placed on these new accounts. The username for these new accounts have been appended with a _1, and the passwords remain the same as the original. So for example if your username was alpha_0000, your new extra account will be alpha_0000_1. We will be sending emails out to users who have had new accounts created with this information.

Once the servers have been brought back online, all the content (except for Season only content) will be applied to the Triumphus Server.