EXP Event

Players who are grinding to achieve level 300 for the PvP Tournament will be able to enjoy a 50% increase to ALL EXP gains. This buff is automatically applied on login, and can be combined with other EXP Buffs (such as the 50% Turf Shop Buff).


Subscription Changes

We have also decided to release a small update, which was planned for Season 2. Subscriptions now apply to ALL characters on an account. This means that if you had a Subscription prior to this update, or purchase a new subscription, it will now work on ALL characters on that account. Please note this change is ONLY on Season 1, and it WILL be applied to the Triumphus Server after Season 1 ends.


Lag Changes

We've made a substantial change to how player updating is made. The only noticeable change with this update is that it should reduce lag as it is a huge optimization.