We're currently restarting the servers, they are expected to be offline for 5-10 minutes.


Bug Fixes

  • You are no longer able to sell locked items to an NPC.
  • We've fixed the Slow Sword's slow effect (it wasn't slowing enemy targets before)
  • A Treasure Chest in Rampao was appearing inside the ground, we've moved it out.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Notifications to reset after a server restart.
  • Fixed a bug that caused users with slow connections to crash sometimes when equipping items.
  • Fixed a bug with the Enchanted Execution Stick that prevented it from being equipped properly.
  • The Enchanted Chrysator Stick now gives more magic AP than the normal Chrysator Stick.
  • Long Range Return Scrolls can now be used in Delphiroth Floor 3 within 10 seconds of not being attacked or attacking.


Small Changes

  • We've given Moderators the ability to toggle Moderator mode, which will display their messages in orange when needed.
  • We've updated the Ghost monsters appearance in the Veros Cemetery.
  • We've made a small change that might help reduce some lag (although it appears to have already been drastically reduced, there is still some off days it seems).