Hello everyone, we would like to apologize for the long update. We’re just about finished updating our back-end systems, the servers should be up soon. While you wait please read the novel, we’ve prepared for you all.


What happened with today's updates?

Today we updated the majority of our systems in preparation for Mondays update. Not only this, but we are officially releasing our new company website (http://www.eonicgames.com/)! Don't fear, the majority of this update was to help usher in another update we will be having on June 12 (more on that below)!


What’s so special about this website?

Our new website will be the central hub of the company, our flagship portal if you will. Through this portal you will be able to accomplish things like:

  • Manage your account/profile,
  • Open/View New/Existing Support Tickets,
  • Use our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tab on the Support Ticket page for self-help topics,
  • Stay up-to-date about new game releases or monumental updates to existing games,
  • Purchase Eonic Coins (eCoins) for use in any of our Item Malls,
  • Communicate with the community in our brand spanking new forums.


What are eCoins?

eCoins are our new digital currency. They can be purchased in the Stores tab of our new website. eCoins can be used to purchase items on any of our game item malls.

For Turf Battles, this means in order to purchase Turf Cash or any other perks, you must first purchase eCoins in the Eonic Games store, and then use those eCoins on whatever you would like to purchase.

By the way, if you purchase eCoins in bulk you will receive some bonus eCoins.


What happened with the Turf Battles forums?

The forum gods claimed it's poor soul, just kidding! With all these new changes we had to upgrade our forum system. While we could have spent the time to make the new forum compatible with the old forums, it was just not worth the hassle. Plus, by ditching our previous forum we got an awesome bonus. Clear and simple unity!

What we mean is that your Eonic Games account can now be used to login to our Forums, any of our websites, and any of our games! One login, for the entire Eonic Games experience!


Will my Turf Battles Account work on Eonic Games?

Of course it will! All Turf Battles accounts have been migrated into our new systems. Please note that users who registered with the same email address on multiple accounts will temporarily be unable to recover these accounts themselves (they have to contact us via a Support Ticket). We will be adding a tool for users to change their email address on accounts with duplicate emails in the near future.


Will Turf Battles be receiving a makeover as well?

Yes, but rather than make everyone wait until the new Turf Battles website is finished we have modified the current one to use our existing systems.


I'm having some issues with the new systems.

There was quite a lot of things changes, it might be possible that something has changed or that issues have arisen. If you notice any weirdness, please contact us by opening a support ticket on our website!


So what is happening on June 12?

To keep things nice and neat, we're going to make a separate news article for the subject (there's just too much information to put it all in one). To read more about it visit this link: http://www.eonicgames.com/news/view/2