Hello everyone, at 10:30AM EST we will be taking the server down for a small update. Servers will be offline for about 5-10 minutes & should be back online by 10:40AM EST (if not earlier).


Patch Notes

  • Possible fix for an issue that has been causing AOE's to stop working.
  • Due to an issue some users may have had some extra stat points, in this update if you have a miss match in how many stat points you have compared to many stat points you should have... ALL your stats will be reset ONCE, for free.
  • Change to Mana Barrier, as requested by this poll. http://turfbattles.ca/forums/index.php?/topic/2072-reworking-mana-barrier/&page=1


Mana Barrier Change

The suggested change to Mana Barrier works in the following way...

  • Damage Reduction from Mana Barrier ONLY applies to Health gained from Vitality or Buffs, and NOT from Equipment.
  • What this means is that if you have Earrings or Desaus equipped, Mana Barrier will not do anything until your HP drops to your Base Buffed HP (Base HP from Vitality & Levels + Buffs HP).
  • The change becomes less noticeable if you have little or no Desaus.
  • We've tested this change on the Test Server using both a BM & RM in a solo & team fight. The results we saw were fair, as we were still able to tank 2 max geared archers, up until a mana steal weapon was introduced (and even after that, we still were able to survive for a bit on a RM & indefinitely on a BM... until Mana Rebirth ended).


  • Mages, please test the change & provide feedback. If enough players provide VALID & LOGICAL arguments/feedback AFTER having tested we will add a lower damage reduction % to the Equipment Health (probably starting at 10%).