The servers are now offline for today's update. We expect the servers to be offline for 40-60 minutes.


Today's patch is mostly directed at the Instance System. Now that the system has been out for a few weeks, we've been able to get a variety of feedback from players regarding the system. The general consensus was that it was too complicated to know what instance you were joining and if that instance would give a Bonus Reward. We've taken that feedback and ran with it in today's patch.


Patch Notes

  • We've refactored a great deal of the NPC & Shop system. The changes should NOT be noticible, but if anyone experiences problems. Please feel free to contact us or report it.
  • Instance Interface
    • We've added a new interface for Instances, this new interface will appear when you are trying to Create or Join an instance.
    • When CREATING an instance you will be told the instances: name, duration, bonus duration, cooldown if you create, and the amount of bosses in the instance.
    • When JOINING an instance you will be told: the name of the player to who you are joining in an instance, elapsed duration, elapsed bonus duration, cooldown if you join, and the total bosses killed.
    • In both situations you will be told if the Instance has a Bonus Reward available, and if so what the rewards are. 
    • With these changes you can easily tell if you are joining an instance that no longer has a Bonus Reward available, and if so decline to join.
  • Instances no longer reward the user with Aquamarine Gems, instead the user will receive x1 Instance Coins, a new non-tradible currency, if they finish the instance BEFORE the Bonus Duration has expired.
    • Instance Coins can be used to purchase useful and rare items from an Instance Shop.
    • Aquamarine Gems can be purchased in the Instance Shop.
  • We have added an Instance Guide and Instance Shop NPC in the middle of Ladianes Village.
  • Demonic Equipment
    • Over the past month or so, we've been receiving requests for a new version of level 11 equipment, specifically a black version. Well those items are now here.
    • Level 11 items can be converted into their Demonic counterparts by applying a Demonic Essence(purchased from the Item Mall or via the Instance Shop).
    • Demonic Essence can be extracted from items by using a Extracting Tool (can be purchased from Bardock in Ladianes) on the item.
    • These new items will give the user +5% EXP Rate and +5% Drop Rate for EACH non-weapon Demonic item equipped. The Drop Rate is doubled while the TC Shop Drop Rate buff is being used.
    • Demonic weapons will grant the user +5% extra damage to monsters and +5% EXP Rate.

Bug Fixes

  • We've added back all the missing Soulless Witches in Delphiroth Floor 2.
  • We've added back all the missing Plants in Delphiroth Floor 3.
  • We've fixed the Water Summons, Fire Summons, and Dark Nephilim in Swamp. They now drop Dinn Stones & Sephiroth Gems again.
  • We've fixed a bug with Reforging, which prevented users from reforging an item with 1 or 2 stats with an item with 3 or 4 stats.
  • In a previous update where we refactored stats on the back-end, it was made possible to add Defense to shields & protectors, and Strength, Dexterity, and Vitality to Gauntlets, Swords, and Bows. We have corrected this issue and these stats will be automatically removed.



Instance Store

The instance shop sells the following items (please note we will be adding to this store as we see fit):

  • 10K Wood
  • 10K Herb
  • 10K Metal
  • 10K Gemstone
  • 10K Rawhide
  • Each Earring
  • Aquamarine Gem
  • Demonic Essence


Demonic Equipment Preview

  • dcaffdca9a.png
  • 66ff867692.png
  • e9ff6bd555.png
  • 06afdf2da5.png
  • 5e5a187be1.png