Hello everyone, later this week (hopefully by Sunday) we're going to start dishing out some of the new content we've been working on over the past month.


Some of this new content will be fun in game things, others will be optimizations and changes to existing systems.


We'll talk more about this on the day of the update. I'd like to mention that we will be releasing updates in stages. This is due to the fact that there is so much that has changed or will change that we want to be able to isolate any unforeseen issues with ease, so that they can also be fixed with ease.


For this this post I'd like to talk about one of the core changes that will be coming to Turf Battles in the first stage of these updates, Instances!


What is an instance?

An instance is a private zone in the game where you can go to either by yourself or with a party. Whilst in an instance & that instances area, you wont be able to see ANY players that are NOT in your instance, nor will you be able to see or interact with players or monsters of other instances.


What will be the first instance?

The first instance in the game will be Frozenland. We have converted Frozenland into an instance for a few different reasons, such as:

  • So we can finally fully prevent same nation PKing.
  • So we can finally fully prevent boss Kill Stealing.
  • So multiple parties can attend Frozenland without messing up the spawns for another party.
  • So players who are in Frozenland to farm items, are unable to interfere with parties for leveling.


How long will instances last?

Each different type of instance (Frozenland is the first, but there will be more later) will have it's own length/duration. What this means is that you MUST complete the instance in the allotted time or you will be teleported out of the instance and have to start over (providing you're allowed). Don't worry we give every instance a relatively long duration so you can finish off the entire instance!


Will there be a cooldown on how often you can do an instance?

Yes there will be, but don't let that discourage you. Cooldowns will be relatively short, and if you complete the instance slow enough you might not have to wait at all. The duration of the cooldowns is, again, specific to the instance type.


How can I create a new instance?

To create an instance, first decide if you want to do the instance by yourself or not (some instances may allow solo instancing, some may not). If so, make sure you leave your party and do not invite anyone else to your party (or they will be able to join your instance). Then go to the Instance NPC and it will give you the option to enter an instance, it's as simple as that!


How can I join an existing instance?

This is easy too! All you have to do is join the party of someone who is in an instance and then go to the Instance NPC and it will give you the option to enter an instance, it's as simple as that!


Is there a way to leave or remove someone from an instance?

Of course, if someone is being difficult you can remove them from the instance just by kicking them from the party! Similarly, you can also leave the instance yourself by just leaving the party. Note that if you are kicked or leave the party, you will STILL have the Instance cooldown.


Do we still need to win the Frozenland War to enter a Frozenland Instance?

Yes, of course. For the Frozenland instance, specifically, your nation STILL needs to win the Frozenland war before you are allowed to start or join a Frozenland instance.


How does an instance end?

An instance can end in one of three ways:

  • The party is disbanded.
  • The duration of the instance is reached.
  • ALL the bosses inside of the instance are killed.

Do we get a reward for killing all the bosses in an instance?

Yes and no. Players will ONLY receive extra rewards for killing all the bosses IF they kill them all fast enough. 


What rewards do we get?

Players will receive some bonus EXP for completing an instance equal to 10% more of the highest EXP giving boss in the instance. So in the case of Frozenland, it gives 10% more EXP than Senow. On top of this nice little exp bonus, you will also be receiving an Item Reward for completing an instance before the bonus reward duration is reached. The reward is going to be kept a secret until the launch date for this update....


Is the item reward something nice?

It's definitely something that will encourage players of ALL levels to want to complete some instances.


How will we know how long we have left on our instance cooldown?

There will be a new buff icon used that will show the remaining time, this buff icon will stay even if you re-log.


How will we know the duration & bonus reward duration of an instance?

When you enter an instance, you will be notified how long is left for each duration.