Hello everyone today we are currently updating the server.


Today's patch is going to take roughly 1 hours. So you can expect to be back online at around 1:10PM EST - 1:20PM EST.


There are two main purposes for this patch (to release the previously rolled back changes):

  • We have implemented a more robust & secure solution for detecting duplicate items. This new system is currently experimental, and as such the previous system is also still being used. Please note that these changes do NOT mean there are duplicate items in the game. They are just security updates and a possible fix for a bug with our existing system that detects non-duplicate items as duplicate.
  • AOE back-end changes. We've changed how AOE's function on the back-end. This shouldn't be noticeable to users, but should provide a more stable PvP experience.

Please note that anyone who is still using the SAME Newbie Shells that they received when they created their characters will lose 1 of the 2 Newbie Shells. This is because the new duplicate system will detect them as duplicated (just because of how they were created). So remember to buy a new one at Yuba or the Shell Merchant... They're cheap.


If anyone notices any issues with the above two things, PLEASE contact us regarding the issues.



Frozenland Patch Notes

In regards to Frozenland, we have seen that one nation has been owning FL since the last Frozenland update. While this is commendable on their part, it's proving to provide lackluster enthusiasm to attend wars from the opposite nation.


As a result we have decided to implement a change to the War System, we had planned to add this at the start of OB but the need for it went away until recently. The changes are simple and as follows:


If a nation wins a certain amount of consecutive wars, the opposite nation will have an advantage during the next war. The advantage is that the bosses the losing nation has to kill will have reduced HP. The reduced amounts are as follows:

  • 2 Consecutive Wins: 50% of FL Bosses Max HP During War
  • 3 Consecutive Wins: 30% of FL Bosses Max HP During War
  • 4 Consecutive Wins: 10% of FL Bosses Max HP During War
  • 5 or More Consecutive Wins: 5% of FL Bosses Max HP During War

A consecutive win is defined as not losing an FL War multiple times in a row. 


Once a nation loses the FL war, the counter will reset. Please note that if the FL War is a draw (no one wins), the counter does NOT reset.




I also want to take this time to remind everyone of the following:

Frozenland IS a Nation based area, not a Tribe based area. I'm seeing a ridiculous amount of Tribe preferential treatment in Frozenland parties. If this continues, we will be changing how Frozenland Nations are picked so that everyone is placed in a random nation when the war starts (I'm sure most people would dislike this, so I suggest not trying to exclude other tribes from FL because they are not in your tribe).


Also, same Nation PKing is not allowed unless the user is KSing you. If you are reporting someone for same nation PKing you MUST provide us with a 1-2 minute video clearly showing you are not KSing and are still being PKed.



Other Patch Notes

  • Players can no longer see if a player is online while having that player on their Block List.
  • FL ownership should now automatically go back to the nation that owned it last when the servers restart.
  • We fixed a bug that prevented members of the same Tribe/Alliance to PvP during the FL war if in opposite nations.