We're having issues with the latest update. Specifically it's causing the servers to crash unexpectedly. We've rolled back the server to the previous version, but it seems that the changes infected the database.


As a result we are going to have to make a rollback, back to a version of the database when the servers went down for the update (4-5 hours ago). Rolling back the database will take about 3-4 hours. So we should be back online around 3AM EST (ish).


We understand that this is frustrating, so we will be allowing users to make claims for missing items/levels. If you feel you lost something of value please post here.


What can be returned?

  • Items or Perks Purchased during the roll back period.
  • Rare items found during the roll back period.
  • Items you farmed during the roll back period.
  • Items that were successfully upgraded during the rollback period (please note that you can NOT break the item until it has been replaced or the item will not be returned).
  • EXP or Levels lost.


How do I get an item or levels back?

Just post a reply on this topic describing what you lost and on what character.


What happens if someone opens a false claim?

They will be banned. We check and confirm everything, so if you try to claim something that you did not lose... Well you won't like the result.


Can I get items I traded back?

No, if a trade was rolled back you will have to ask the person you traded to trade again.