We're going to be restarting the server at 4:00PM EST, expected downtime is 40 mins and we should be back online around 4:40PM EST.



Christmas Event

The snow has finally melted, and with it, so have the Evil Snowmen. Santa has packed his bags and left Ladianes... until next year at least. I hope everyone enjoyed running around helping Santa and even turning into your very own Santa. All rewards from the Christmas Event will remain on each users accounts.



Frozenland War

We've made it so when the Frozenland War starts, anyone on Channel 1 that is in a party and registered to a nation will be removed from the party. Once removed, players can ONLY make a new party with members of their OWN nation during the Frozenland War on Channel 1. I want to remind everyone that Frozenland is NOT a Tribe based event or area. It is a NATION based event and area. If you want to be in Frozen Land with your Tribe mates, I suggest joining the same Nation as them instead of using the party system while in opposite nations.



Production Skills

We've received a lot of feedback over the past 3 weeks in regards to the Production Skills. The biggest complaint is that Potion Brewing & Refining take too long to level up. With that in mind we've made the following changes.

  • The required EXP for Level 100 Blacksmithing has been increased as it was too easy before, in comparison to the other skills. (Your levels will auto adjust)
  • The required EXP for Level 100 Refining has been reduced. (Your levels will auto adjust)
  • The required EXP for Level 100 Potion Brewing has been reduced. (Your levels will auto adjust)
  • The required EXP for Reforging has been reduced.

All in all, you should see a variation between 10-30 levels between each of the 4 Production Skills (depending on your EXP prior to this update).


Jewelry Recycling 

Now that Grade 11 Jewelry and Delphiroth Floor 3 have been out for roughly a month we are now adding grade 11 Jewelry to the Ring, Band, & Necklace Recycling NPC's in Ladianes (in the North East part of it).


Bug Fixes

  • Players can no longer make a booth inside of Soccer Field.



Finally, I'd like to give everyone a bit of a glimpse into what we are going to be working on in the next 1-2 months or so. We've reached a point where there are only a few issues left in and out of game. While these issues are few in number, they are key elements in any successful game.


  • Newbie Friendly Content
    • In Turf Battles you tend to level up so fast that most experienced players don't really care about the low level content. However, when it comes to a new player... Low level content is how they learn to love and play the game. We're going to be working on a multitude of quests & quest story lines that range from levels 1-200.
    • The general idea behind these new quest lines is that you will be able to reach level 200 through the use of quests (or normal grinding if you prefer). While at the same time you will be learning about the game, it's mechanics, the different features, and the different things that you can do in game.
    • We're also going to look into adding Game Tips to the game that will give the user some useful information every couple minutes (if they have the Game Tip setting on).
  • Support
    • Up until now we've been providing support to you all, the user base, through a variety of different channels (Forums, Skype, Discord, Facebook, QQ, etc). This is going to change. We're still going to be offering support for small issues through these channels, but we are also in the process of developing a Support Portal that can be used to create & manage support tickets between each of your accounts and us.
    • A complete guide/knowledge section on our website.
    • We've decided to take on Moderators in game. Moderators are active players that have shown an exemplary attitude towards the game, it's rules, the players within it, and have a vast knowledge of the game and how it works. The main job of a Moderator is to help new players, not by giving them free stuff... but by teaching them. We'll have more information on moderators when we open up applications.
  • In-Game Issues
    • Fixing account locking when donating (happens sometimes).
    • Addressing small lag spikes that sometimes happen and last 10-15 mins.
    • Addressing an issue with our Duplicate Item Detection System that in rare cases considers a non-duplicate item to be duplicated.
    • Cleaning up unused NPC's either by removing them or keeping them with a message indicating they are there for nostalgia sake.
    • Completion of the remaining half of East Ladianes (even better content to come in this respect).