Well Christmas is around the corner and what better way to welcome the Christmas season than with a Christmas Themed update!


The servers will be going offline at 7:15PM EST for today's update, they will be offline for around 30-40 mins. Meaning they will be back online by 7:45-7:55PM EST.


Patch Notes


Christmas Event

Christmas has come to Turf Battles, and with that so has some trouble!

  • Snow has covered much of Ladianes.
  • Christmas Trees have been sited throughout Ladianes Village and Veros.
  • The festive season is welcomed with Christmas themed music playing throughout Ladianes.
  • Evil Snowmen have appeared once again outside of Ladianes Village. 
  • Santa Clause has come to Ladianes Village with a mission for you. Should you choose to accept it, you will be able to receive some nice festive rewards :).
  • We've started a new event on our forums, be sure to check it out for your chance to win some TC! http://turfbattles.ca/forums/index.php?/topic/1933-christmas-tree-event/


Bug Fixes/Minor Changes

  • We've changed multiple elements (Localization & Cost Calculation Displays) with the Booth System so that it is more easily understood what exactly you are buying and how much it will cost. (Specifically with items that stack... Such as arrows and Raw/Refined Materials)
  • We've fixed a bug in Soccer Field that was allowing players to save portals inside of the Soccer Field.
  • We've fixed a bug that allowed invading Tribes to go directly into the Inner Castle Room, without defeating one of the Altars during the Ladianes Civil War.
  • We've fixed a bug that made the Lords of Ladianes lose altars when they took it back from an invading Tribe during the Ladianes Civil War.
  • We have reduced the cost of the Locking Spell Turf Shop item to 10 TC.


Production Skill Changes

We've received a lot of feedback on the Production Skills, mostly that everyone loves them! However, players were finding that some skills were too easy to obtain level 100, while other skills were too difficult to obtain level 100. As a result....

  • Potion Brewing now gives more EXP on level 2 or higher potions.
  • The required EXP for Potion Brewing has been decreased for various levels, everyone's levels will automatically adjust to these new exp rates.
  • We have increased the required Blacksmithing EXP to reach level 100, a bit. For players that were level 100, this is about a 10 level reduction in your current Blacksmithing level, but you maintained your original EXP. (In other words, various level require more exp)


In this update we are releasing the highly anticipated Reforging System. We've received MANY questions about the Reforging System, but we've tried to keep it as hush hush as possible... Until now....


Where can I reforge my items?

Visit Gingrofer in Ladianes Village, next to Jakar. He will teach you how to Reforge & allow you to access the Reforging Menu.


When can I use reforging?

Reforging can be used as soon as you have achieved level 100 in Refining, Potion Brewing, and Blacksmithing. You MUST have level 100 in ALL 3 skills before being able to reforge an item or receive Reforging EXP.


How does reforging work?

Players can reforge their equipment stats into a Reforged Version of the stat. This can be done by speaking to Gingrofer. Each time you reforge an item there will be a Resource Cost that becomes higher depending on the level of the stat you wish to reforge. As well players will have to offer up an item, a Sacrifice Item, that is of the SAME TYPE and SAME STAT LEVEL as the item stat they wish to reforge. Meaning if you want to reforge a +5 Ultima Staff, you will need x2 +5 Ultima Staffs (one will be lost and the other will be reforged).


Once in the Reforging Menu (speak to Gingrofer to open the Menu) simply click and drag the Sacrifice Item into the appropriate slot, titled "Item to Sacrifice", and drag the Reforge Item into the appropriate slot, titled "Item to Reforge". Note that both items must be of the same type (for example x2 Ultima Staffs)! Once you do this, any stats that are of the same type and level between both the Sacrifice Item & Reforge Item will be shown. Select one, and click the "Reforge Item" button.


Once the item is reforged you can upgrade it using normal upgrade gems, and the Reforged Item Stat will have a higher success rate (which depends on your overall Reforging Level).


The higher your Reforging Level, the higher the success rate bonus you get when upgrading reforged stats. At level 100 Reforging you receive a x2 upgrade bonus. Once the reforged stat is upgraded, it will no longer be reforged (but it can be reforged again if you want after upgrading it).


How many resources do I need to reforge an item stat?

Up until a stat level 7, Resource Costs will only include: Metal, Wood, Gemstone, & Leather. However once you try to reforge a stat that is level 7, 8, or 9 Pouches become included in Resource Costs. For non-blessing stats you will need Sephiroth Choice Pouches (this includes level 11 Jewlery), for blessing stats (Mystic, Triumphus, Fabula, Ultima, Acura) you will need Blue Tear  Pouches (for weapon) and Red Honor Pouches (for armor).