Hello everyone we have just taken the servers down for today's update.


We estimate the servers will be down for about 30-40 minutes while we update the server. You can take that time to read through the following exciting patch notes!


Patch Notes

Locking Items

For a long time now a huge part of efficiently playing Turf Battles revolved around the ability to swap various items into your inventory and equipment, depending on the PvP fight scenario. This introduced a massive risk factor that has, more than once, bitten people in the rear. If you haven't caught one yet, we're talking about the fact that players would accidentally drop the items they're trying to swap! Or even in certain circumstances they would accidentally upgrade their item or sell it to an NPC. Well things have changed! We've added a new item to the Turf Shop called a Locking Spell.

  • Locking Spells can be used to lock an item to a players character.
  • Locked items can not be traded, dropped, sold to an npc, or upgraded.
  • Players are able to Unlock an Item (providing it was locked by a Locking Spell) by using another Locking Spell on the item.
  • Locking Spells can be purchased in the Turf Shop for 20 TC.
  • The Locking Spell item looks like this: 18165774c7.png
  • Once an item is locked, it has a gold border and lock surrounding it. Like this 2e448b07a9.png


Transformation Cards

We've added some transformation cards (costumes) to the Turf Shop (they can be found in the 3rd tab). Transformation Cards are purely cosmetic, but hey who doesn't want to look cool! Each Transformation Card lasts 1 hour, or until you die. Transformation Cards can be used on TOP of your equipment! The following costumes have been added:

  • Evildoer Costume (15 TC / 50 Transformation Cards)
  • Wandering Ghost Costume (15 TC / 50 Transformation Cards)
  • Zombie Knight Costume (15 TC / 50 Transformation Cards)
  • Devil Costume (20 TC / 50 Transformation Cards)
  • Reaper Costume (25 TC / 50 Transformation Cards)
  • 92556fd803.png
  • a821c69f4c.png


Production Skills

Many people have complained that they are unable to make high level sets (such as 9/8 sets). While we completely disagree with their needing to be a change on upgrade rates, we decided to give users the opportunity to adjust their upgrade rates to certain degree. In doing so the concept of Production Skills was born! The Production Skills Menu can be opened by pressing I and then pressing the new "Skills" tab. To actually use your Production Skills you will need to speak to Jakar in Ladianes.


There are currently 4 main production skills:

  • Refining Skill - This Production Skill allows you to refine Raw Materials (found from nearly every monster in the game) into Refined Materials. Refined Materials are used for creating items using the other Production Skills (Potion Brewing, Blacksmithing, & Reforging).
  • Potion Brewing - This Production Skill makes use of Refined Materials, specifically of the plant variety. Through the combination of herbs and roots you will be able to create your own potions. As you advance your Potion Brewing, abilities will unlock to brew stronger and more potent potions.
  • Blacksmithing - This Production Skill makes use of Refined Materials, specifically of the metal, wood, and gemstone variety. Through the use of Blacksmithing you will be able to mold Refined Materials into strong pieces of equipment, weapons, & jewelry. Only level 1-10 items can be made using Blacksmithing.
  • Reforging - Through the combined knowledge of Refining, Potion Brewing, and Blacksmithing you will be able to use your Reforging Skill. Reforging will allow you to improve an items upgrade rate from x1 to x2 (the boost is dependent on your Reforging Skill level)! This Production Skill requires a mastery (level 100) of all other Production Skills prior to being used. For example, if an item had a 50% upgrade rate, it will now have a 100% upgrade rate, if you have the max Reforging level! Reforging will be released in the next update. So start producing!
  • 904ffc202a.png

Delphiroth Floor 3

  • We added Delphiroth Floor 3 to the game, that's right the mysterious Dungeon of Delphiroth has another floor!
  • Delphiroth Floor 3 is restricted to level 200+ characters and can be used to solo level to a certain degree.
  • Delphiroth Floor 3 is VERY rich in Production Resources and if you are planning on taking on the new Production System, this will be your best bet for farming Raw Materials.
  • Delphiroth Floor 3 can be entered by either using a Delphiroth Floor 3 Scroll (sold in the Turf Shop) or going into the blue portal in a passageway inside of Delphiroth Floor 2, and then defeating a Wallstone guardian.
  • Delphiroth Floor 3 IS a PvP Zone, but it does employ the Fame System! So if you PK people, you WILL lose fame.
  • Along with Delphiroth Floor 3 we've also added......



Delphiroth Jewelry!

  • Delphiroth Jewlery can ONLY be farmed inside of Delphiroth Floor 3 from the Delphist Human & Delphist Nephilim mobs, as well as the various Bosses inside of Delphiroth Floor 3. 
  • This includes Delphiroth Amulets, Delphiroth Bands, and Delphiroth Rings.
  • Delphiroth Jewlery has a safe level of level 5!
  • As per the usual upgrade in jewelry level, upgrade rates for Delphiroth Jewlery is higher than level 10 items.
  • We decided to eliminate the VIT requirement for Delphiroth Jewlery and instead we employed a Level Requirement of level 200.


Nation Wipe

  • Many people have been asking for us to do a nation wipe, so as to clear up unused slots.
  • We are doing just that today, so after the update you must go and pick your nation again.


Bug Fixes & Changes

  • We fixed a bug with the Transformation Skill Level Down NPC in Ladianes that made it seem like it wasn't giving you RC points when lowering your Transformation Skill (until you re-logged).
  • We've adjusted how the Monster Agroing system works and it should be more responsive now, when you get closer to a monster it should re-act with little delay.
  • We've changed how monsters actually follow you when they agro you, so they should move smoother now.
  • We've added Production EXP Scrolls (x2 Production EXP), Delphiroth Floor 3 Scrolls, and Locking Scrolls to the Turf Shop.
  • We've lowered the cost of the Unlimited Quivers in the Item Mall.
  • We've adjusted some code in the backend which should reduce lag during high peak PvP wars.
  • We've fixed a bug that caused Channels to crash on rare situations.
  • Fixed the bug that made empty dialogs appear when speaking to some NPCs.
  • We've adjusted ALL Game Events so as to adjust for daylight savings time, they should all now be happening at the originally intended times.
  • You can now see your Fame % and Production EXP Rate using the /Stats command.
  • We've added a Waiting Room to the Devils Chamber (the zone after the Black Zone).
  • We have re-enabled character deleting.