Hello everyone in about 30 minutes we will be shutting the servers down to apply a few bug fixes, updates, & class changes. We expect the servers to be down for roughly 30 Minutes.


Servers will go down at 2:30PM EST.

Servers should be back online by 3:00PM EST.


Bug Fixes

  • We've fixed a bug where users would send a whisper to someone and it wouldn't go through depending on the case structure used with the players name.
  • Turf Shops now say Turf Cash instead Leni when listing items.


  • We've added a new Notification System (can be opened by pressing Ctrl+N)
  • The notification system informs the user when a new quest is available (essentially upon leveling up). It will list each quest, and allow the user to get a brief introduction as to where to start the quest and from who. (NPC Name, Area, & Coordinates)
  • Notifications can be deleted.
  • When first entering the game everyone will have a new notification registered to them (even if they completed the quest already), just delete the ones you've done.
  • Players are also notified via chat when a new quest is available. We plan to expand this system for other things in the future, moving towards more newbie friendly content.
  • Players now have icons above their heads during the Frozenland War. The icons represent each players nation.
  • Players do NOT need to turn PvP on to PvP during the FL War against the opposite nation.
  • Players are now entered into their own teams chat during the FL War. Where they can speak with everyone that is on their team. The other nation/team can't see this chat.

Class Changes

  • We have reduced the cooldown of Zombie Orc Blood from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.
  • We have reverted the HP change on archers made a patch or two ago, due to popular demand (mostly).
  • Red Mage's Silence Aura now drains 7K mana instead of 8K mana per second, at level 10.
  • We have increased the duration of Mana Saver by 30 seconds, making it now last 2 Minutes & 30 Seconds at level 10, with only a 30 Second cooldown.