Hello everyone, as many of you already know... We've been hard at work working on new content for the game that makes the game more newbie and low level friendly.


One of the biggest parts of these changes are new quests! While we are making our own quests and quest lines, we've also decided to allow you, the users, to suggest quests and quest story lines. Anyone who creates a Quest that is chosen to continue on into the game will receive anywhere from 10-100 TC, per quest or Quest story line.


The amount of TC awarded is dependent on the grade of the content you will be writing. Not all submissions will be chosen, only the quests that sound good, have potential, and make sense.


What type of quests will not be accepted?

  • Quests that essentially are only telling the user to go out and kill 5 monsters and then come back are a no go.
  • Intricate and well-thought quests are great, but if the quest is too complex or requires functionality that is just not feasible... It won't be selected.
  • Quests that have already been suggested or added will not be considered (don't copy another persons work). Even if the idea of the quest is the same and the names and monsters are different it will not be counted unless the story is different enough.
  • Quests with offensive, copyrights, or pertaining to sensitive topics will not be considered.


How is the amount of TC awarded chosen?

This all depends on the quality of the quest you are submitting.

  • If the quest is quick and easy the amount of TC will be less. However, remember quests that are too long aren't any fun either, and should probably be split into multiple quests to form a Quest Story-line.
  • If the quest is interesting, makes us want to read more, and holds our attention... The reward will be greater. 
  • If the writing, grammar, and spelling of the quest and it's story is pristine enough that it requires no changes, more TC will be rewarded.
  • If the suggestions in the quest (such as for rewards, dialog, and options) are well thought out, reasonable, and don't seem far-fetched... More TC will be awarded.



All submissions MUST follow the following format.




Quest Name

A New Adventure



The Newcomer Guide has offered to help show you around the land of Turf Battles. Befriend useful merchants, defeat overzealous pests, and learn all that this world has to offer in A New Adventure.


Level Requirement

Levels 1-300


Is this part of a quest story-line? (Are you going to create multiple quests that combine into one bigger story?)



Steps & Dialog

  • Step 1: Speak to the Newcomer guide.
    • Newcomer Guide Dialog: Welcome to the land of Fomalhaut adventurer. For hundreds of years these lands have been plagued with darkness like no other. A product o dark magic took over these lands and let.... (You get the idea...) You can even (it's not required) suggest responses, like so.
      • Response 1: I can help!
      • Response 2: Cool story bro...
  • Step 2: The Newcomer Guide has instructed you to speak to Yuba the Potion Merchant.
    • Yuba Dialog: Greetings, my name is Yuba the Potion merchant. Will you help me kill 10 King Bee's?
      • Sure
      • No
  • Step 3: Kill 10 King Bee's outside of Ladianes and then return to Yuba.
    • Yuba Dialog: Oh wow you already killed 10 King Bee's? Great job! Here have these potions so that next time you can heal yourself in combat. Now go speak to Jukaba the Blacksmith.
    • Step Reward: 100 Soft Potions, 100 Mana Potions
  • Step X: The quest continues in this manner until it completes. Remember that you can offer rewards at each step of the quest (although just because you suggest the reward, it doesn't mean it will be given as a reward if and when the quest is added).




I look forward to reading  some new and interesting stories!