Christmas has made it's way to Turf Battles! So as part of our Christmas duty we will be holding a Christmas Event here on the forums up until the end of the season.


Take a picture of your Christmas Trees WITH a clearly visible piece of paper (see below for what to write on the paper), upload it to our forums, and at the end of the season we will pick the top 3 trees.


What do I write on the piece of paper?

  • The name of the game (Turf Battles)
  • Your Character Name
  • The current date.


What can I win?

  • First Place: 100 TC + 50 Santa Costume Scrolls
  • Second Place: 50 TC + 25 Santa Costume Scrolls
  • Third Place: 25 TC + 10 Santa Costume Scrolls


What is the deadline?

  • Submissions will ONLY be accepted up until January 1, 2016.


Where can I upload pictures to?


What are the rules?

  • ALL submissions MUST have a piece of paper with the above mentioned information written on them, if they don't we will not count the picture.
  • Absolutely NO inappropriate content (swearing, offensive language, nudity (No private parts), etc)

Winners Are

1) Onionbear

2) Twizzles

3) Fantasy