When I launch the game it crashes right away, how can I fix this?

A crash can be caused by various different things, but an immediate crash upon launching the game is almost ALWAYS caused by a improper installation of the game. Please carefully read our game setup guide, located here to resolve your problem.

When I run the launcher it gets stuck on Starting Patch Process, how do I fix this?

This problem can occur for one of two reasons.

  • You did not run the launcher as an Administrator, simply right click the launcher and click 'Run as administrator'.
  • There is a problem with one of our recent patches, on our end, please contact us via the forums so we can resolve the issue.

How do I use a magic skill?

Magic skills can only be used by Red Mages, Blue Mages, and Archers (although archers can only use magic spells on themselves).

  1. First open your skill window by pressing your 'K' key.
  2. Now click and drag the skill you want to use onto the green bordered box on the bottom left of your screen, this is the magic skill slot, alternatively you can just double click the skill and it will automatically be placed into the slot.
  3. Finally right click a monster or player (if you have PvP enabled, by clicking the left Alt key) and this will cast the spell on your target.

How can I make leni (gold)?

Making Leni can be fairly simple task, there's many different techniques you can use to make/find leni.

  1. Kill monsters, they tend to drop small amounts of Leni.
  2. Pickup items that monsters drop and sell them to NPC's.
  3. Hunt down monsters that can drop valuable items such as Wandering Dragons, in Veros, and Treasure Chests, in Rampao Floor 1.
  4. Take ownership of one of the Forbidden Islands and farm it's natural resources.
  5. Sell items to other players using booth (can be opened by pressing Ctrl+O).